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"Right now I am on my honeymoon, but I had to post a review ASAP. This place. Amazing! They just did all the desserts for my wedding and people were losing their minds. They also made sandwiches for us the day before the wedding and again people were freaking out. They did cakes, pies, cookies, tarts and cupcakes for the wedding and people were literally standing around the dessert buffet with plates. They weren’t even bothering to sit down in between helpings. Support this business and keep them open so I can keep stuffing my face."

— Caitlin S.

Wild Flour Tray
Wild Flour Canoli

"This Daisy sandwich was out of this world. It's so nice to get a good, fresh tasting meal with some new flavors in Albion. Also, the Raspberry Pistachio cannoli (I think that's what the name was)- absolutely amazing. Thanks for the delicious food and it was wonderful being able to order online too."

— Alex B.

"We met with some of the bakery girls at a wedding event for the Gallagher Barn, not only was their display beautiful, but all of the desserts were all people could talk about walking around with plates full. Mollie and Jen were great!

. . .

Can’t wait for them to cater our wedding. Counting down days until our tasting!"

— Nicole

Wild Flour wedding cakes_edited.jpg
Wild Flour Caramel Cheesecake

"I am not a sweets person. I might eat cheesecake once a year. My girlfriend brought me a piece of cheesecake from Wild Flour for my lunch. I bit into started chewing it up and I was like wow those girls out did themselves! Actually my first thought was that's a $10 piece of cheesecake. I was only going to eat a bite or two. I ate the whole thing."

— Ken V.

"The first thing I heard when I walked in the door of this bakery today? Music? No. Pots and pans banging around? NOPE. Laughter, uncontrollable laughter. And I don’t even know how to start to explain how refreshing it was.

. . .

This place has kick-a** food and clearly has a crew to match it. Can’t wait to go back for more."

— James P.

Wild Flour Tart

"I’ve been coming here since it opened, and it’s refreshing to have a place to eat fresh food in Albion! And whatever they are doing in the bakery is amazing, usually we have to go to Rochester for this high quality desserts… not anymore! Their baker is as creative and talented with the baked goods as their owner is with the main entrees."

— Hailey J.

Wild Flour Cookie Dough

"I can’t say enough about this place. The food is great! The people who work there seem to have so much fun together too. Which isn’t something you can say often. Plus the cupcakes are out of this world, and whatever they did to change the chocolate chip cookies… my god, addicting now."

— Jake T.

"Beth and her team at Wild Flour are nothing short of phenomenal! They made an absolutely beautiful smash cake for my daughters first birthday, and even were able to accommodate a short notice. I'm so happy we decided to support small and upcoming business! This deli & bakery is wonderful. Albion is lucky to have them! 💛"

— Jen W.

Wild Flour Elephant Cake
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"Excellent food, atmosphere, service and desserts! Everything we had was fantastic, fresh and full of flavor! Great job to all!"

— Kelly B.

Wild Flour Tastes
Wild Flour Blackberry Cheesecake_edited_edited.jpg

"Honestly, I stopped in yesterday because I was sick of fast food and so many people were talking about Wild Flour and how fresh their food is, you can smell how yummy it is before you even get through the door.

. . .

Clearly these women are here to stay. I’m so glad I walked into Wild Flour. Can’t wait to go back."

— Becca W.

"I have to say, out of my weekly trips to the Wild Flour, I have not once been disappointed in the service or the food. AMAZING!!! The sandwiches that I have had so far, have all been delicious as well as the baked goods, sides and soups! Keep up the great work! We love having you in town!!"

— Lindsay H.

Wild Flour Pollen Salad

"I got the Pollen salad. I should've saved half for later. It tasted so good I couldn't stop eating it. My co-workers all got lunch also. They loved all the salads and sandwiches. Hats off to chef Beth. You are a incredible cook. ❤️"

— Ken V.

"I’m not sure where to even begin! Beth is an AMAZING chef. I’ve known her for a bit, but what bonded us the most was our love of the culinary world. She has taught me so much, and I have yet to try a dessert, sandwich, or side that I didn’t LOVE. If you’re looking for a TRUE FOODIE who can deliver, you will not go wrong at Wild Flour. These are not boring, bland sandwiches. These are works of art. Her on a plate. No sh*t."

— Debi C.

Wild Flour Daffodil
Wild Flour Brownie Cake

"Well now I have to sit here with this cake and try not to rush down to the bakery and propose to the baker. I don’t know what kind of sorcery is happening in that kitchen but this d*mn chocolate cake smacks so hard."

— Tom D.

wild flour violet sandwich_edited.jpg

"Delicious sandwiches and loaded potato salad. A wonderful blend of flavors! All freshly made! Baked goods to die for! Excellent friendly customer service! We will definitely be back!"

— Merrie B.

Wild Flour Charcuterie

"I'm so excited for Albion. We desperately needed and deserved food like Wild Flour! I recommend the Violet. It's like a delicious hug! So yummy!"

— Michelle W.

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